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Two weeks after the transfer window is closed, the next round of the league (International Match Day) will be ushered in. At that time, the lineups of the Premier League teams will stabilize-Chelsea’s new aid has successfully run-in, Liverpool’s Thiago Mane will return to the game, Assen With the introduction of Thomas at the buzzer, Manchester City's duo state returns, Mourinho 2.0 activates offensive football, Everton, Leicester City, Aston Villa, and Leeds United have all emerged, and the Premier League Little World Cup will officially open. It can be said that this season will be the most enjoyable season since the establishment of the Premier League.

关闭转会窗口两周后,将迎来下一轮联赛(国际比赛日)。那时,英超球队的阵容将稳定下来,切尔西的新援已经成功磨合,利物浦的蒂亚戈鬃毛将重返比赛,阿森(Assen)在蜂鸣器中引入托马斯(Thomas),曼城的二重奏状态回归,穆里尼奥2.0(Mourinho 2.0)启动进攻性足球,埃弗顿,莱斯特城,阿斯顿维拉和利兹联队都应运而生,英超小世界杯赛将正式开幕。可以说,本赛季将是英超联赛成立以来最愉快的赛季。

In this stormy transfer window, the Premier League ended the turbulent first 4 rounds. Combined with the data from sofascore, there are a total of 12 Premier League players with personal ratings (2 games or more) exceeding 7.6 points (the full-season review is 7.6 as top data players):


Unlike previous years, only one defender scored more than 7.6 points in the first 4 rounds of this season. Gabriel joined Arsenal seamlessly, dominating the left side of Arsenal's backcourt with an excellent left-footed pass and high-altitude ball defense.


Gabriel season heat map


Before the season, the most important position for Arsenal to be strengthened by fans before the season is the midfielder (Oyar, Thomas). Before Gabriel joined the team, there was also a questioning voice: "Why wasted the already stretched financial resources on a defender? Besides, we already have so many guards?"


After 4 rounds, it proved that Arteta has a deeper understanding of the shortcomings of the lineup than we all. This season, Arsenal has renewed the contract with world-class striker Aubameyang. Arteta has established that the team's tactics are mainly offensive from the left, and the coordination of passing and receiving from the left is particularly important. At the same time, Arteta's three-center defender system encourages the left The central defender must have a very strong left-footed ability-Gabriel satisfies everything the Tashua wants.


Since Koscielny left the team, Arsenal's defense has been criticized. It is hoped that the arrival of Gabriel and Leno's continued high-light performance can help the team return to the era of the defense five.


Although Liverpool has just experienced the tragedy, Salah can still walk out of Villa Park with his head up.


You know, the opponents Liverpool faced in the first 4 rounds of the league were the fiery Leeds United, the traditional big6 Chelsea and Arsenal; another match was lost. In this case, Salah played the entire game in all 4 rounds of the league, and it is still possible


In the Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea game, Mane completed all the goals in the game. Judging from the offensive data, Mane may not be as dazzling as Salah, but


After a summer, Mourinho discovered that the offense was so fun and suddenly upgraded to Mourinho 2.0: Asian king Sun Xingmin and British emperor Kane are the direct beneficiaries of Mourinho 2.0:


In the face of Southampton, 4 feeds 4 eats Sun Xingmin and Kane shocked the world; in a strong dialogue with Manchester United, the two passed 2 shots and 1 shot respectively-this combination can not help but shock the fans: Are you two wrong? Moreover, the scores given by sofascore are so similar:




Lewin: Lewin scored 1 goal every 203 minutes last season; since Ronaldo joined the team in 203 minutes almost 4 goals (57min/1 goal). From the data, the difference between Lewin and Vardy's strength is quite obvious: Lewin has 2 missed opportunities, averaging 3.3 shots and 1.5 goals per game. The accuracy rate is a lot worse than Vardy, but who cares? There is J Luo, there are many pie, can vomit.

莱文:莱文上赛季每203分钟打进1球;自从罗纳尔多(Ronaldo)在203分钟内入队以来,他几乎有4个进球(57分钟/ 1个进球)。从数据来看,Lewin和Vardy的实力之间的差异非常明显:Lewin有2次错失机会,平均每场3.3球和1.5个进球。准确率比Vardy差很多,但是谁在乎呢?有J罗,有很多派,可以呕吐。

For the current problems of Manchester City, you can actually compare Aston Villa and Everton-although only 4 rounds have been completed, the sum of the resources provided by these two teams to the organizational core under the same single-core system is sufficient. In this way, although Everton and Villa's striker are far behind Manchester City, both teams are currently winning, ranking first or two in the standings.


Everton’s summer window brought in Dukure, Alan, and Ronaldo; almost changed the midfielder; in midfield, Dukure and Alan used solid defensive interception to compete for the ball and handed over to Ronaldo to organize the attack; Ston Villa is the same as Everton, McGinn and Holihane's fight for the right to the midfielder Glarish has infinite bullets.

埃弗顿(Everton)的夏日之窗吸引了杜库尔(Dukure),艾伦(Alan)和罗纳尔多(Ronalddo)。几乎改变了中场;在中场,杜库尔和艾伦使用稳固的防守拦截器争夺球权,然后交给罗纳尔多组织进攻。斯科特·比利亚(Ston Villa)与埃弗顿(Everton),麦金(McGinn)和霍利哈内(Holihane)为争夺中场球员格拉里什(Glarish)的权利而战一样。

We see that Arsenal, with excellent defenses, is currently ranked 4th, and Liverpool and Tottenham, who are invincible forward, are currently ranked 56th;


ps: Not mentioned above, but I am most optimistic about the midfielder's single game full data this year, dedicated to everyone~


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